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Here are some pics of some other Subaru's that I have picked up. If you would like your Subaru here email me.


Here's Jamie's 99 Legacy GT may it RIP. Check out her site Subiegal


Here's Peter's 2000 Liberty 2.5 RX (aka Legacy GT)


Here's Bryan's 90 Legacy, which looks a lot like mine.


Here's Brandon's 94 Legacy RS.....they always get the good cars down under.


Here's Jim's 94 Turbo, looks extremely good!!


Here's Mike's 92 Turbo Legacy, he has custom made a mesh grille.


Here's Michael's 91 Legacy.


Another fine candidate, Steve's 99 GT Limited. Very nice! The white wheels look very good. Check out his website for more pics & info.


Judy & Peter's Outback in the Australian Outback.


Huck's beautiful Xt6 & SVX.


Michael's killer GT Wagon.


Brad's 93 wagon in an awesome action mud shot.

Dan's Legacy Sedan.


Kalim's 1992 Liberty GX.


Alex's White Legacy Wagon.


Anthony's 1993 Legacy SS.


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