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Here are some links to various sites. I'll do my best to give a description of the content. If you would like to have your site added please email me.

Personal Pages

Dave's Legacy Central - Lot's of good information on the older style Legacies, modifications, reviews, and pics. Dave has probably one of the premiere sites for the first generation legacies and turbo legacies.

Gary's Legacy - Gary has some good useful tips and info. I used his advice for door locks that lock themselves.

I also tried the electronic hesitation fix he used to sell. It was ok, I didn't really like what it did and how it made the car feel. I ended up getting a new knock sensor, since I butchered the old one. Also, they updated the knock sensor to a newer version that is supposed to be less sensitive

Russ's Little Subie Page - Info on his 95 Legacy LSi wagon, and 2000 Impreza Sport L wagon.

Subie Gal - Rally & Subie enthusiast.

Ultimate Subaru Website - Site setup by Shawn, he runs the USMB. More info about the older Subaru's.


Legacy Central BBS - Very informative site for Legacy owners, mainly for 90-94 US-Spec Legacies. This forum replaced the old BC-BF Legacy Works group.

i-club - A nice site to see Subaru modifications and miscellaneous stuff.

NASIOC - North American Subaru Impreza Owner's Club. This was the "old" i-club, until things got a little crazy with the two guys who founded it. They split ways and one is running i-club, and the other is heading NASIOC.

Top Subaru Sites - A top 50 type of site for Subarus.

Message Boards

I-Club - Same thing as Impreza Owner's Club, and yes there is a forum there too.

Legacy Central BBS - This board was formed since the yahoo groups board was not really meeting our needs. This board is probably one of the best spots for information on the first gen. legacy.

NASIOC - The "old" i-club. It's too long a story to try and explain, now there's two boards.

ScoobyMods - Another message board, run a little different, has a Q&A forum that is open, and the other forums are closed, but have some good technical info in them.

The Ultimate Subaru Message Board - Excellent message board. Probably one of the most beneficial and knowledgeable crowds around....for Subaru's of course.


1st Subaru Parts - Online source for OEM Subaru parts.

Allwheelsdriven - Specializes in sales, performance parts and rally prep of 1990 - 2005 all wheel drive cars.

Baker Precision - Baker carry's a multitude of racing products. They also have some of the the best pricing for NEO Synthetic oils.

Car Toys - Stereo chain along the west coast where I purchased most of my stuff.

Cobb Tuning - Aftermarket tuner for Subaru's. Haven't really dealt with them, but have a fair amount of stuff.

Constant Velocity Of Ocala - One of the best places to have your CV axles rebuilt. They have excellent customer service.

Factory Pro - Motorcylce tuning/performance company. They have an interesting view regarding wideband O2 sensors. Check out the article

Forced Air Technologies - Turbo kits for SVX as well as for the 2.2 and 2.5 engines. Very nice work.

Kartboy - Kartboy makes short throw shifters, shifter bushings, and other various products. They are extremely knowledgable and helpful. I highly recommend them.

Liberty Subaru - I've used this Subaru dealership for parts. They have good prices and good shipping. You're best off just calling them and asking for their parts department. Mention you saw their add in Car & Driver or Road & Track and they'll give you a discount.

Marren Motorsports - A place to get fuel components, and injectors cleaned.

Primitive Racing - Aftermarket parts for Subaru's and info about rallying. They have a new e-commerce site, check it out.

Provo - Subaru goodies from Japan.

Rallispec - JDM Subaru performance parts and tuning service.

Rallitek - Subaru performance shop based in Oregon.

RC Fuel Injection - They balance & blue print injectors as well as sell other performance racing injectors.

SPO Motorsports - This company has some very nice products. Lot's of performance parts and importers for SYMS racing equipment.

Subarugenuineparts.com - Online Subaru store with good prices. This is where I get my parts from. The online store is run by Subie Gal.

Subaruparts.com - Online Subaru store. I mainly use their online parts catalogue.

Super Rupair - The largest Subaru wrecker in the nation. They're based out of Boulder, CO.

Teague's Auto / Boxer4Racing - Good site for performance Subaru parts. He carries STi and Cusco Parts as well as quite a few others.

The Tire Rack - Online tire & wheel store.

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