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Thursday 3-27-2003 - I've added some transmission spec pages with info on transmission & motor specs. It was converted and donated to me by Mark Ward.

Sunday 3-23-2003 - Man I really need to do some updating.....hahaha.....anyway....Well got the car back and cleaned up. Bumper is rehung after they screwed stuff up.......also......because of the bumper screwup....the driver's side corner lense that broke and was just resting in there......well it caught some air and flew back and chipped the paint on the fender...... so that's one more thing they're going to have to fix. This has been a big hassle......paint job was good.....not show quality, but good. I still need to clean things up and fix some of their mess ups, and clean up overspray on stuff. But don't want to do that until they redo the fender.......and to top it off......I can't wax it for 90 days......grrrr. It'll look much better when I finish all the clean up work. I still have my new grill to put on....working on custom fabing a holder for the B4 rabbit emblem.....and gotta put the driving lights back on. Check here for pics.

Tuesday 7-23-2003 - Well.....I know it's been rather long since any sort of update has taken place, I do apologize for that. I'm going to be going up to Seattle on Friday to visit the family, and do some work on the car. I've got quite a laundry list of stuff to do, some minor, some rather large. I've been putting off updating for the main reason I've got a bit to do. Plus I'm goin to do some updating of some of the code for the site......sit tight, and I'll do my best with the updates :)

Friday 4-5-2002 - I've been rather busy the past few weeks. I've been all over the place. I was up in Salt Lake City one week, San Antonio the next, had relatives come in town to visit, and I just got back from Albuquerque. So I have not had a lot of time for the site....or for my car :( I do have some stuff planned. I am hoping to do some work tomorrow. I have some Whiteline solid end links for the front, a new TPS sensor to put in and adjust, clean the IAC valve, 4-step engine cleaner, still need to wire in my horns to the alarm, as well as a myriad of other small projects. I'll keep everyone posted as far as my progress goes.

Thursday 3-7-2002 - Well I've updated a bit of links and what not, as well as added info on getting a set of Hella Supertones. A couple things I'm looking into in the future is getting the road dyno, definitely check it out! Also looking into a chip, and tryin to work on the TPS. It's bein a pain in the ass. I'll be updating some more when I have time. Sorry the links for the movies haven't worked. I've moved and my personal server has had some issues with ISP. But here's a new one of a WRX playing around on a sand dune. (Note: Video has been taken down due to amount of web traffic)

Tuesday 1-29-2002 - Just added a section called Tech Articles. I got some tech articles from Dave at Legacy Central. They are just amazing, there's a complete SAE paper on the new "Boxer" engine. It goes into gory detail of the new motor, both the US spec EJ22 and overseas EJ20T motor. It has HP/Torque curves for both. The others are of the press release for the 1990 Legacy, and a parts sheet for the 1990-1994 Legacy. It has subaru part numbers too!! Check them out in the Tech Articles section.

Sunday 1-27-2002 - I just got back from Houston today. I'm goin to be moving down there Feb. 16th. Houston traffic is suited for my driving style....hehe. Got another movie for you. It was done by Fuji Heavy Industries. It's of the new impreza's: Sti, and Prodrive tuned. It's in windows media format. Here's the site where I got it.

Sunday 1-20-2002 - Well haven't updated anything lately. Found a pretty cool Canadian rally video. Goin to add some more links to the links section, and possibly vendors.....depends how motivated I am ;).

Sunday 12-16-2001 - Ok I have done MAJOR updating. I have added quite a bit of stuff to the notes & tips section: Fixed relay and wiring image colors, ECU Reset info, Underdrive pulley install, Intake/MAF sensor info, TCU codes, and how to pull them, external trans filter info, info on struts, anti-sway bar, wind noise and mirrors, and fender shave info. I also added a bit more pics, some of my car, as well as ones from Japan. The Blitzenis the SHIT. Also added some more sites to the links section and vendors' section. To round out the updates, here's that kick ass WRC Video.

Saturday 12-15-2001 - I added the instructions on how to pull the Transmission codes on the early gen legacies, and SVX's. The instructions are under the Note's and Tips section.

Monday 12-10-2001 - Added some pics in the pics section, some pics of my new MAF sensor bracket, and of my Unorthodox underdrive pulley install. I have a couple more to upload when I get time.

Tuesday 12-04-2001 - I changed around how the notes & tips section is. Gave the engine and stereo related their own page. I am contemplating making a default start page or something like that when you click on the menu to expand it, a default page loads and gives you links to the specific pages in that category.....or something like that. I'm not sure, or if I should just leave it alone. Comments???

Wednesday 11-28-2001 - Site is LIVE! and working as far as I can tell. I need to work on the colors for the parallel and series wiring thing in notes and tips to match better.

Monday 11-26-2001 - Site is mostly working, still trying to solve some bugs with the counter and feedback form. If there is anything you want to see let me know.

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