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Here's a list of mods that I had on my car at one point and time, and for one reason or another I have upgraded or changed things.


Akimoto Motorsports Funnel Ram 2 Air Filter - This was one of those spur of the moment purchases. I saw it and thought, that would be really cool to have on my car. Unfortunately there was no kit, or standard way to help get this mod on my car. It's customizing time...I bought a standard aluminum connector plate for the filter, and had to line up the opening so it matched the opening of the Mass Airflow Sensor, then drilled new holes in the connector so it would mount properly. That wasn't too bad, just had to be patient and mark the holes. The next step was a little more complicated. After removing the stock air box there was no bracket holding the plastic intake arm up. After putting the filter on, the arm was sagging pretty bad. I had to make a bracket that would support the arm at just the right height. Easier said then done, right... I had to make sure the filter wasn't too high and hit hood when it was closed...this was a little tricky but I got it where I wanted it. I then secured the arm to the bracket with a 4" screw-type clamp. The filter did add more power, to what extent depends on a couple of things. On a cold day you can really notice it, especially in the low end and high end torque range. Also in the higher revs the motor revs out quicker then with the stock air box. A couple of points that need to be said is that you will loose a little mid and low-end torque. It has something to do with the back pressure on the intake, but it's not that bad...(Note: Too large of diameter exhaust system will also reduce backpressure and reduce low and mid-range torque, probably more substantially then the intake) Also like many people have said, the car is noisy under hard acceleration. There is a definite growl from the intake, I personally like it, but some people may get annoyed with it. Check out the pics of the intake in the image page.

Handling - Suspension

Monroe Struts - I had these before I had my KYB's. The difference is night and day. The Monroe's were far softer and performance was much less. I'd highly suggest the KYB's over the Monroe's.

Nitto NT 505's - These tires were pretty good tires. They lasted for a decent amount of time, and provided some pretty good handling. As they got older, they did seem to get a little harder though.

Nitto NT 555's - I recently bought a set of Nitto NT 555's, and I must say these are FAR worse then the 505's. They feel mushy, there is far more sidewall flex, and yes there is even on a 45 series tire. I have played with tire pressures, and that doesn't seem to help. I would personally stay away from these tires. If anyone has any other experience with them or comments please email me.


Stock Rotors - I did have a set of Brembro cross-drilled rotors all the way around, and I nuked those puppies pretty quick. I still have the rear cross-drilled rotors on. They are in need of replacing. So if I get some time this winter I will buy a set of stock ones and slap them on. You may be asking why am I putting stock rotors back on. Well if you would like to know check out my little analysis on rotors. To get the type of braking I want I will have to upgrade to larger rotors and 4-pot setup.

Performance Friction Carbon Metallic pads - These too are good pads, but have drawbacks. When these pads are warmed up, braking power and feel is excellent. There was little to NO brake fade with these pads. But when these pads are "cold" braking power isn't as great, and more force is needed to stop the car. Again it's a trade off. I think for the price they were pretty good pads. Note: These pads are history, they were a good pad, but due to some unforeseen technical difficulties, they are toast.

Axxis/PBR Metal Masters - Well these pads turned out to be pretty good. I've had them on for a little over a year now. Stopping power is good. They do fade under hard/heavy braking, but I don't think I can expect them not to with the size of my rotors. I'd definitely recommend these pads to someone that is looking for a good semi-metallic pad upgrade that is a good daily driver as well as performance oriented. I got these pads from Primitive Racing.


Alpine CDE-7827 CD Receiver - This has been a very good and reliable head unit. It's not too fancy, yet it will do almost anything you want. It has 25 watts x 4 speaker high outputs, and two 4 volt low-level pre-amp outputs. One low-level output is non-fading for a subwoofer. Installing this head unit was surprisingly easy. I took the trim off and installed the Alpine head unit using the factory stereo harness, and used a small trim piece to compensate for the larger opening.

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These modifications are what I have done. There is no guarantee that if you try them that they will work. I hold no responsibility if you injure yourself or others or void your warranty.