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Old News from August 2004

Swap is almost done! - Posted Tuesday, August 31, 2004 by Josh
Well I took off work last week to spend a lot time working on things, and I really got a lot done. I probably would've had the tranny in last weekend, had I had all the parts. It should be in this evening, and I'm hoping to have the car running by the weekend. Check out the link I provided in the last news posting for updates and pictures.

The swap is underway - Posted Monday, August 16, 2004 by Josh
Well I started the swap two weekends ago. I tore down the donor car and most the parts off of it. I got it back outside last weekend, which was an interesting task, considering there was no rear wheels/drivetrain. I've got the parts cleaned up, and plan to start getting into my car this weekend.

I've setup a journal type page with what I've done and pics. Check the page for the page for the latest info.

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