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Old News from May 2004

New POS car for the swap - Posted Sunday, May 23, 2004 by Josh
Well I bought a 1990 AWD 5spd Legacy wagon. The car was in West Palm Beach, Florida. It's not really too clean....exterior is ok, interior is pretty nasty. CV axle is toast on the pass. side front, and there's some other stuff that would need to be done to get it mechanically sound. So basically it's turning into the donor car for my AWD & 5spd conversion. I've got a turbo legacy trans, driveline, & diff lined up. I will use the parts from this car for the swap, and pick up any misc stuff from junkyards. I will hopefully be tackling this some time this summer. I still need a second car to drive around while mine is down, and need to get the turbo legacy trans, driveline, & diff to me.

Here's some pics of the POS car.

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