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The AWD & 5MT Swap


This write-up is compilation of everything I've learned during this conversion.  I will start out by saying, a project of this caliber is not for the faint of heart, mechanical aptitude, money, or patience.  I think from the very start of when I started researching and sourcing parts to when I actually completed the project was about five months.  My car was out of commission for two weeks.  I probably have right around 100 hours or so spent working on the project.

You might be asking yourself, "Why in the world would you go through all this effort, time, and money?"  Anyone who does a project like this will have their own reasons.  I had a few different reasons.  My automatic transmission was not in the best of shape, and needed to be rebuilt.  I prefer manual transmissions.  They give you more control, and enhance the driving experience.  I have been wanting to do this for some time now, and finally had the resources & knowledge to do it.  Finally, it was a challenge.  I know you're asking yourself, "Why not just go buy a car with a manual transmission?"  I do have an attachment to this car.  It's in great shape, I know all the maintenance, and everything that has happened to it.  It'd be quite hard for me to find something similar and in as good a shape.

Ok, on to the swap.  I've split this write up into a few different categories.  A general AWD & 5MT swap parts list guideline, my parts list & costs, journal of the work, technical notes about the swap, wiring/electrical info/diagrams, and of course pictures.

I just want to say thanks to Rob, Seth, Anthony, Tim, GeJuan, Vikash, Michael, Richard, Jason, Clayton & Lori, and everyone else that helped me out on the project.  A Special thanks goes out to Jamie (who now works at Subaru Genuine Parts) for putting up with my incessant parts requests.

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AWD parts list
My swap parts list & costs
Journal of the project
Technical info/notes
Wiring/electrical info/diagrams


This write-up is written solely as an informational aid to assist those interested in the conversion process.  All information, part numbers, prices, etc. should be used as reference material only, and should be verifed before use.  I hold no responsibility for any damage caused to your property or person by the use of the contained information.  Should you have questions or comments regarding any information contained within this write-up, please feel free to contact me.