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Wind Noise
Fender Shave

How to stop wind noise around mirror

Well there are two main ways. The first I haven't done. You can slightly grasp a hold on the outside edge of the mirror and lift up gently. This is supposed to help lift in the trim piece and make better contact.

The way I have help alleviated this problem is by adding some black ground wiring behind the rubber trim. It's not noticeable, and does work. I would suggest first using 10 gauge. If that doesn't work, try 8 gauge. I would also recommend using some of the smaller stranded wiring, as it's softer and more pliable. Phoenix Gold, Fausgate, and Monster Cable should all do fine.

Here is a pic of my little wire invention.

Fender well Shave

Even after finding wheels with a +45mm backspacing I still had a little rubbing going on. To solve this problem. I had my fenders shaved. A speed shop, Evolution Sports, in Everett, WA did the work for me. Matt did an excellent job! He peeled back the old trim, used a die grinder or dremel tool, shaved the top part of the fender, and then tapered the cut down the sides. He replaced the trim piece with a smaller plastic trim piece.

The result was a very nice looking mod that helped alleviate my rubbing problem in the rear fenders, and still looks good.

Here are some pictures.


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