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Old News from September 2003

Busy weekend - Posted Monday, September 15, 2003 by Josh
It was quite the busy weekend. I got a lot of stuff done on the car. First off was the brake stuff. As some may know I've been battling the increased pedal travel problems for a little over a year now, as well as brake bias issues. I finally put on the 1 1/16" bore MC to reduce the pedal travel, and swapped a wagon proportioning valve to help balance the car out. I also installed an MRT brake booster brace. The MRT bracket was an unbelievable pain to put in, and took almost as much or more time to install as it did to install the MC & prop valve. The MC & booster moved 0.0050" with no brace. With the brace they moved about ~0.0025" which is not bad, but still not 100% rigid.

Next was the install of the rear strut tower brace I had purchased a while ago. It required some finessing to install. It's like they sent me two right brackets. I had to tweak the passenger side to fit properly, but it wasn't that bad, and much easier then I anticipated. The car does feel more planted in turns, more responsive, and doesn't creak over the normal turns/bumps it used to.

Lastly, I cleaned & rotated tires.

Here's some pics
Rear STB
Proportioning Valve
MRT Bracket

More pics and write-up can be found here
Legacycentral BBS

High Output Alternator Installed - Posted Sunday, September 7, 2003 by Josh
I finally got this thing installed, it's been sitting on the back burner because I had to extend the main leads and re-wire the sense & light leads. The stereo system does sound better, smoothness & idle is better in the engine. I still get some dimming at idle, but from talking to some people, they said that HO alternators tend to have less output at idle. I may go back to a stock sized lightweight crank pulley, I'm not sure yet.

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