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Old News from June 2005

Started the tear down of the ej22t - Posted Saturday, June 25, 2005 by Josh
I started tearing down the ej22t two weeks ago. It's in pretty good shape, but it's pretty dirty/greasy. However, I pulled the pistons tonight, and there's some scuffing, so I'm probably going to have to split the block, hone the cylinders, and replace the pistons.

Here are some pics
Piston removal

Replaced Rear Diff Seals - Posted Thursday, June 2, 2005 by Josh
I spent last saturday replacing the oil seals, packing, and o-rings on the rear differential. I was getting a little oil seapage, which looked to be coming between the bearing retainer plate and the differential. The oil seals were probably not leaking, but I decided to replace them anyway.

Removing the differential from the car without removing the rear cv axles was a little interesting. Installing was more of a pain because everything needed to be aligned properly, and fitment was tight. Also, make sure you align the roll pins correctly, and install them before you get too far ahead in reassembly. I speak from experience.

I purchased a conduit coupling to use a seal remover. I used the old seal to install the new seal. Other note is to put some silicone on the threads of the bolts holding bearing plates on since the threads go all the way through to the diff.

As usually, here are some pictures.

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