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Old News from May 2003

New Legacy Unveiled.....and she's a head turner!! - Posted Friday, May 23, 2003 by Josh
Well as the title says, the new legacy has been unveiled. I must say, I have seen spy shots and other previews, but they just didn't do it justice. This car is absolutely beautiful. From the styling cues, to the turn signal indicators in the mirrors, to the integrated back-up & LED turn signals in the rear of the wagon, and so on.

Without further adieu, go check it out for yourself on Subaru's Official Page.

Also, you may want to check out NASIOC, as there is quite the collection/consolidation of pics of the new legacy from Subaru's site.

A few different updates - Posted Monday, May 12, 2003 by Josh
Well I took care of a bit of stuff this past weekend. I finished a conversion on the a/c system to r134a. The a/c system wasn't cooling too well, and being in Houston, having a/c is a must. Quite frankly I'm very impressed. I have the same if not better cooling then I did before. I also cleaned out the evaporator box too to help get rid of that mildew smell. I have a write-up on the legacycentral board for those that are interested. I will be converting it over to html to put on my site hopefully in the not-so-distant future.

Other project I did was hook back up the Torque 2 chip. I had removed it do to some other issues, and decided to put it back in. I will say I do notice a difference. Power and smoothness of acceleration has improved slightly. I want to see how things are in a couple weeks.

Lastly, I dropped the car off at the body shop today to get the front left fender fixed. About a month ago someone backed into in my apartment complex, and I finally got some money from him, so I'm getting that taken care of. Hopefully this will be the last of my car visiting a body shop for a long while.

New news manager - Posted Sunday, May 4, 2003 by Josh
I got a new news manager. How do you like?

It should make updating the news and such and so forth easier.

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