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Old News from April 2004

Stereo Rewiring - Posted Friday, April 23, 2004 by Josh
I had some time last weekend, so I was able to get into the stereo a little bit. The front left & right speaker have been cutting out, and overall the system wasn't sounding too good. I've been wanting to rewire the speakers & redo the RCA's for a while now. So that's what I did last weekend. Feeding the wire through the rubber boots to the front doors was a little bit of a challenge, but the result so far is really good. I'm quite impressed with how it sounds and the complete lack of distortion even when the deck is almost at full volume. I need to tweak the gains a little to get the imaging just right, but other then that, she's done.

I also dynamatted around the speaker, which should help with some of the vibration issues.

Lastly I re-rivoted some new hinges on the center console box since the old ones were broke. I decided to go that route, rather then swap the box out because I modified the box for my adjustable gain control for my sub.

Here's a few pics of the car gutted during the install process. pics

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