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Old News from November 2005

It's done done! - Posted Monday, November 14, 2005 by Josh
I've finally got all the big issues taken care of and have been able to actually go for a "drive". The new A/C compressor was a pain to put in due to the brackets and all the hoses being different, but it's in, and cooling well.

I also got the exhaust rubbing issues taken care of by putting in a later style "u-joint" driveline to replace the "cv-joint" style driveline.

There's a noise on part throttle boost that I'm not sure is normal or not, so I'm going to investigate that, as well as do some checks on fuel pressure and boost.

Here are pictures from the driveline/exhaust issues, and pictures of the A/C compressor and final assembly.

She lives....sort of - Posted Sunday, November 6, 2005 by Josh
Well I fired up the engine last monday. She runs good for what little I drove the car. I had some issues with the exhaust hitting the transmission crossmember & rear driveline. I bent the crossmember, so that is fixed, however the driveline issue is still there.

The 91 turbo driveline is a "cv" style joint with an outer metal casing. You can see a pic of the driveline from my swap pictures. The solution is to get a driveline from a later model first gen legacy that uses u-joints in that spot instead of the cv joint. I've got one lined up, and should be here this coming week.

In the mean time I installed the air-to-water intercooler radiators and pump today. I didn't get things plumbed up exactly how I wanted to due lack of space, but things should work. Here's the pictures from today.

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