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Old News from February 2006

Hiatus - Posted Tuesday, February 28, 2006 by Josh
I am taking a hiatus from playing with the car while I study for my professional engineer's license exam. After I take the test, I hope to finish up some of the projects I've got in progress.

Stay tuned.

Perfect Power 6 - Posted Tuesday, February 28, 2006 by Josh
I've been running the perfect power 6 piggyback engine management for a little while now. I don't really need it yet, but I wanted to become familiar with it so when I needed to use it for fuel modification I would have a better idea of how the PP6 works.

Well, myself and other first gen legacy owners who have been running it have had stumbling/hesitation/bucking problems. Some, including myself experienced intermittent problems. Others experienced continuous problems.

After messing with it for several months, and having intermittent problems, I've given up. I'm going to remove the wiring bridge I have the PP6 installed to, and check all the wiring. Unless I find something wrong, I will be looking for some other form of engine management. if you have any suggestions, drop me a line.

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