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Old News from February 2004

Lack of Activity - Posted Monday, February 16, 2004 by Josh
As you can see there's been a definite lack of updates/activity on my part. I have been working on going through the html code to stream line it. I've gotten a little done, but not all of it. I've got three main projects, and a fourth that need to be done.

The first is the timing belt replacement along with going back to a stock sized lightweight aluminum pulley vs. the underdriven pulley. I'm also resealing the oil pump and doing cam & crank seals.

Next project is to install all the wiring for the EDM headlamps & electronic levelers. The light output on these lamps are supposed to be much better and placed so it's more usable.

Third project is to re-wire all the stereo stuff. The wiring projects are something I don't mind, but would be a lot easier if I could do a little at a time then try to whack it out in one weekend.

The fourth project....I'm going to be picking up some vented rear GT-B/B4 caliper. These use the same diameter rotors as the popular "H6" rear upgrade. This will help balance out the bias issue I created with the WRX brake install. The proportioning valve did help, but these rotors will help even more.

I really need a second car for a daily driver ;)

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