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I first saw some of these paintings when I was in high school.  They were being displayed in the mall.  Tim lives in the Pacific Northwest, hence that's what most of his paintings are of.  The type of paintings are a surrealistic style, an exaggerated or stretched reality.  In my mind they portray a post apocalyptic world, where times have returned to a more simpler time where nature rules the world.  Now that is my interpretation, I'm sure there are others.

I have three of his prints as of now, December 2001.  Rapid Transit, Livin' On the Edge, and Liberty Awake.  I really like Rapid Transit, it has more meaning to me then some of the other prints because of everything that is in it.  It is the last painting he will do with the Kingdom, and that particular ferry.  The Exxon Valdez is in this painting, along with the Smith Tower, Seattle's first "sky scraper."  That stuff along with the fine detail makes it one of my favorites.

His latest, Liberty Awake is an excellent tribute to everyone that has helped out after the terrorist attacks.  If you look closely at the reflection in the water, you will see the image of the twin towers.  A very moving painting.

I have purchased all of my prints from A Class Act Gallery.  They are located in La Conner, Wa.  I believe there are the largest gallery for Tim's work.  I have been very happy with the customer service I have gotten.  One of the edges of the matting on the Liberty Awake print was damaged when I got it.  They sent me out a new matting.

UPDATE:  There's a new website for A Class Act Gallery and Tim's paintings.  I've updated it in the link above..

Here is some of Tim's work.



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